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Friday, May 08, 2009

Silly Things Mormons Say #2

For the record, I had intended these "silly things" to be an extensive series, but it fizzled out rather quickly. I think I had actually started a #2 months ago, but never got around to finishing it. At any rate, here's something silly that I heard recently that I thought would be suitable for this kind of post.

I share an office with two other fellows - one is a lapsed mormon, such as myself, and the other is still immersed eyebrow-deep in the "church".

Shortly after payday one day, my uber-mormon office mate gets up from his desk and announces to us that he's going to go out to lunch. He walks out only to return a moment later and he sits back down.

We asked him if he was still going out for something to eat and he replies that no, he realized he can't really afford to go out to eat because his paycheck is what pays the house payment (they just bought a new one not too long ago) and his last paycheck wasn't enough to cover the payment.

(Now, I know for a fact that he's a full and honest tithe payer because I overhear him discussing finances with his wife over the phone constantly.)

I was SO tempted to say "you know, you can give yourself a ten percent raise right now by not paying your tithing anymore", but I held my tongue. I'm sure that in his mind, such an idea would be nigh unthinkable. He's gotta pay his way into heaven!

It just boggles my mind that people can be convinced of such absurdities. Hey, I once fell for it too, but at least I had a good excuse - I was raised in TSCC and didn't know any better. This guy actually CONVERTED to the mindlessness!

I feel sorry for him and those like him. I really do.

If I can step onto my soapbox for just a brief moment here:

They don't need your money. Jesus doesn't need your money. If you really want to donate it to a good cause, there are plenty of other reputable organizations out there. Hell, give some money to the Red Cross - I have! LDS Inc, will never see another dime from me for as long as I draw breath. And don't be afraid to toss a couple of dollars to a panhandler. (I know the church discourages such donations to people hanging out around Temple Square - "Don't give to panhandlers! Give us your money and let us distribute it any way we see fit!")

What a con. IT'S ALL A CON!

Jesus (if he was even real) would never in a million years fault someone for choosing to feed and/or clothe their kids (or pay a house payment!!!!) instead of paying tithing. He, of all people, would encourage taking care of each other - NOT A RELIGIOUS INSTITUTION.

If I was still a praying man, I would pray for people who are caught up in all these despicable lies and deceptions.

Take some baby-steps toward your own freedom, be it religious, financial, or both. At the very least, stop paying your tithing - especially if you can't afford it. Don't allow anyone to dupe you into thinking you have to pay your way to the celestial kingdom. If it's real and you're a good person, you'll probably end up there anyway.

But trust me on the sunscreen.

(Oh wait, that's another speech entirely.)

Baby steps my steps. I promise it isn't too bad on this side of the fence. :)


Anonymous Monado said...

Nice! It might have been nice if you suggested, um, delaying the tithe to keep a roof over his family's head.

I realized a few years ago that the whole Old Testament God was just such a successful scam: "I've got a god in this tent but you can't see him or the sight would strike you dead, and he wants you to give him meat, grain, and oil, with the priest & his family eating His leftovers. We don't want any smiting around here, do we?" Perfect!

Why do you call it LDS, Inc.?

7:56 PM  

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